Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Maintaining high profession standards

In order to strengthen Hong Kong’s status as an international legal services centre and enable participants to explore international business opportunities, the HKSAR government lays out specific rules for a system of continuing professional development for trainee solicitors and solicitors.

The Continuing Professional Development Scheme (Cap. 159, section 73) is designed to ensure local professionals comply with CPD requirements:

  • Legal training courses, seminars and community activities open to the general public
  • Programs by judges, foreign lawyers and prominent jurists from other jurisdictions

The Hong Kong Law Society provides this Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Information Package with detailed information about the scheme.

Improve value for money, quality and usefulness of courses offered under the CPD Scheme and provide more flexible ways for satisfying the CPD requirement other than simply through course attendance  HK Lawyer

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What is continuing professional development?

Why do we need continuing professional development?

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