COVID-19 update

Court users may wish to note that starting from 4 May 2020, all hearings, both civil and criminal proceedings, including trials, will generally resume unless they are adjourned pursuant to specific directions by the court, but with reduced capacity. However, jury trials will only start after May 2020. To ensure an orderly resumption of court proceedings, an appropriate buffer period will be provided before hearings, particularly trials, are resumed. Parties concerned, be they legally represented or litigants in person, will be given clear notification and directions on the mode of hearings with sufficient lead time for preparation.

For civil proceedings, the court will continue to adopt a flexible and multi-pronged approach. Judges and Judicial Officers (“JJOs”) will continue to proactively manage their cases and directions will be given to the parties as necessary. Where appropriate, JJOs will consider disposing of the cases on paper as far as possible. JJOs may also direct parties to use Video Conferencing Facilities (“VCF”) or conduct hearings by telephone where appropriate.

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