New Canadian Open Work Permit, Permanent Residence Options For HK Residents

Starting today, Hong Kong residents will be able to apply for a new Canadian open work permit.

Canada recently announced the new visa and two pathways to permanent residency aimed at Hong Kong residents while enhancing existing programs to help people from Hong Kong already in the country to stay and those who want to make plans to come when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

“The people-to-people ties between Canada and Hong Kong are strong and deep, and these new measures celebrate those long-standing relationships.” Canadian Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino

Open Work Permit

The open work permit is the first of the new immigration measures becoming available to Hongkongers this year. The new open work permit, valid for up to 3 years, is aimed at students who have completed post-secondary education in Canada or abroad in the last 5 years. Spouses or common law partners and dependent children will also be eligible for a study or work permit.

Work in Canada: How to Obtain a Work Permit

Pathways to Permanent Residence

For Hong Kong residents who come to Canada to study or work, 2 new pathways to permanent residence have been created.

Spouses, partners, and dependent children are included for both pathways.

  1. The first targets former Hong Kong residents with a minimum of 1 year of work experience in Canada and meet minimum language and education criteria.
  2. The second is for graduates of a post-secondary institution in Canada, allowing them to apply directly for permanent residence.

Expedited Processing

Canada will expedite the processing of work and study permits for eligible young people from Hong Kong as part of Express Entry Immigration.

Processing Fees Waived

Processing fees will be waived for Hong Kong residents in Canada on a temporary basis applying to extend their stay.

Canada Announces Work Permit, Permanent Residence Options For Hong Kong Residents